SYRIAN EXPEDITION After the burial of Prophet Muhammad, the first major unfinished task Abu Bakr had to accomplish as a Caliph was to send an expedition to Syria. Before his demise, the Prophet had dispatched an army to punish the Syrian tribes for killing a Muslim ambassador on his way to Basra. It was commanded […]


FALSE PROPHETS False prophets were those people who rose from different parts of the Arabian Peninsula and claimed prophethood. They tried to undermine the picture of Islam by introducing their own laws and were successful in influencing numerous people by their evil notions. Part of their campaign to change Islam also included instigating the people […]


CHARGES AGAINST HAZRAT USMAN The people who had once spoken highly of Hazrat Usman, brought several allegations against him afterwards. One of the main allegations against Hazrat Usman was that he had appointed his inefficient relatives as governors. This allegation was incorrect. There were twelve provinces in the country. Hazrat Usman appointed his relatives in […]

CHARACTER Hazrat Abu Bakr

CHARACTER Hazrat Abu Bakr was extremely simple in his habits. Tender hearted, he was easily moved. But at the same time he was firm, determined and courageous. He had a very sympathetic heart for the poor and the needy. He would go out at night to help the distressed and the destitute. For sometime after […]

assassination of Hazrat Usman

After the assassination of Hazrat Usman, in the absence of any government, a state of confusion and anarchy prevailed in Madinah. After four days, when the rebels decided to return to their homes, they felt that it was necessary that the new Khalifa should be chosen before they left Madinah. In this connection, there were […]


ADMINISTRATION As the Khalifa. Hazrat Usman followed the sunnah of the Ho   Prophetrh°h and the practice followed by the first and the second Khalifas.(Ie continued the administrative arrangements made by Hazrat Umar, though he regrouped some of the provinces and created new provinces for the newly conquered territories. The Majlis-e-Shoora or council of consultation was […]


GOD (UNITY OR ONENESS OF ALLAH) Belief in the Unity and Oneness of Allah – Tauhid is the first and main principle of the Islamic faith. It means that Allah is the Supreme Being, the Creator, Sustainer and Master of the universe, the Highest Authority and exclusively worthy of worship. The first Surah of the […]


BELIEF IN PROPHETS Belief in all the prophets and messengers from Adam to the Holy Prophet Muhammad is one of the articles of faith and for this reason the ‘Iman-e-Mufassil’ states: “I believe in God, in His angels, in His books,. in His messengers, in the Last Day and in the fact that everything, good: […]


BELIEF IN GOD’S PREDESTINATION AND DECREE Belief in the Divine Decree is the belief that everything, good or bad, is decided by Allah, and without this our faith is not complete. According to Muslim faith Allah is the sole Creator and Cherisher of the entire Universe. Allah knows even the inmost desires and motives of […]